bootcamp mac utility

Bootcamp drivers

Installed the drivers from your Mac in the installation of Windows 7 with Bootcamp drivers utility.

Configure Windows 7 with Bootcamp Mac drivers utility

Bootcamp Mac drivers utility solves the doubts of many Mac users who want to install Windows 7 on your iMac and have no clear how to install the drivers so Windows recognizes all the devices properly and to take full advantage of the features of your Mac with Microsoft's operating system.

Between the discs that are supplied with our iMac you will find the Bootcamp drivers. To be exact the utility of the Bootcamp drivers we can install from the first DVD of the installation cds of our Mac OS system. The utility of Bootcamp Mac drivers will guide us in this process so easy and any user can do it all without the need to have advanced skills in the administration and configuration of PC or operating systems.

Bootcamp drivers utility to designed under the premises of Apple, which are none other than ease of use and stability. With Bootcamp drivers installing the drivers for your Mac for Windows is really simple.

The steps to follow to install Bootcamp drivers

Once you complete the installation of Windows 7 on Mac only we have to eject the DVD of Windows for insert, as os we have indicated, the disc 1 of the operating system of iMac where you will find both the Bootcamp drivers as well as the usefulness of Bootcamp that subsequently will allow us to restart from Windows and that our Mac re-start with the Mac OS system.

From the shortcut of 'Computer', we will open the DVD drive, then open the Bootcamp folder, and from this last will begin the installation by running the setup file. The Bootcamp Assistant drivers guide us in three easy steps during the installation of the drivers from Mac to Windows 7.

Restart Windows for your Mac start with Mac OS

The installation is finished we reboot our iMac. By default our Mac started with the Windows 7 operating system, since the and using Bootcamp Mac utility us to installed can reboot to get your Mac to boot Mac OS. This process is very simple, just click the icon Bootcamp Mac located on the right side of the task bar of Windows, right next to the clock. We must only click on restart in Mac OS and then our Mac to start again with the operating system that we have installed on our iMac.