bootcamp mac utility


Soon we discuss in this section Parallels Mac software designed to install Windows operating systems on Mac OS. Parallels is the application for Mac that many users today use to run Windows XP or Windows 7 from your iMac, Mac Book, or Mac mini. It is the equivalent to machines virtual that they are used on Windows systems for the installation of other operating systems, without the need to partition again our hard drive.

In the coming days, we will expand our Bootcamp Mac web content to offer novice users tutorials may be helpful in the use and configuration of Parallels.

Parallels Desktop

Parallels Desktop for Mac allows the user to install programs for Windows in its iMac or Mac OS X at the same time, simultaneously. Parallels is the ideal software for the sharing of Mac and Windows applications. This software allows the implementation of programs in both systems without having to restart. With Parallels Desktop you can drag files between different operating systems and applications share documents between Mac and Windows. You can also start Windows from the dock of your iMac. The optimization of this great software allows you to run Windows applications without lowering in its performance.